Flat Deck & Over-Dimensional

Linear Logistics can provide all types of flat deck transportation anywhere in North America quickly and cost effectively. Providing options for your shipment requirements is what the Linear team specializes in. Shipment types Linear Logistics can provide assistance with are:

• LTL from anywhere to anywhere
• 48’ + 53’ Flat and Step-deck
• Tri-axle, Flat and Step-deck to haul more weight within Canada
• Quad-axle, or maxi, trailers for higher weights to and from the northwestern US
• Super B flat, to haul up to 90 000lbs across Canada
• All types of specialized equipment, multi-axle configurations to haul up to 110 000lbs, stretch and trombone trailers

We consistently transport rig mats, structural steel, compressor packages, mud and vac systems, panels for water storage systems, construction equipment, drilling equipment, and over-dimensional loads of all sizes. We approach each project with smart coordination and execution to ensure peak effectiveness for these shipment types.